Reporter's Notebook: Inside the Premiere of Tommy Wiseau's Next Movie

Tommy Wiseau - Best Friends Premiere - Getty - H 2018
Araya Diaz/Getty Images
The Q&A was held before 'Best F(r)iends' even started. Why? "We are rebels of Hollywood."

The hardest person to find at a Tommy Wiseau movie premiere is Tommy Wiseau — not because the unique cult star doesn't stand out with his long, jet black hair and waist accessories, but because there are so many fans dressed just like him. 

On Wednesday night, Wiseau and Greg Sestero held the premiere of their latest film, Best F(r)iends at the iconic Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. The film (written by Sestero and directed by Justin MacGregor) is a follow-up to 2003 cult phenomenon The Room, which gained mainstream attention last year thanks to James Franco's award-winning The Disaster Artist

Not really having any clue what the film was about, I, in no way, was shocked to see a souped-up hearse positioned prominently near the theater doors. Is this in the movie? Is this Tommy's? Does this have anything to do with anything?

All answers made sense knowing Wiseau is quite the character. And yes, it is in the movie, driven by Wiseau's character Harvey Lewis, a lonely mortician who befriends Sestero's Jon Kortina, a drifter. 

Before guests at the packed premiere could make it to the concession stand, they first had to pass by a long table of merchandise, all bearing the name " Tommy Wiseau." The most prominently displayed items were the self-branded underwear, but there was plenty of other merch, and a long line of guests trying to snap some up.  

Inside the theater, strangers yelled lines from The Room at one another as we all waited for the film to begin. But, this was a Tommy Wiseau premiere, so it was not going to be typical.

Wiseau insisted the question-and-answer portion of the evening — traditionally held after a screening to better digest the film — take place beforehand. His reasoning: "We are rebels of Hollywood." 

Not knowing specifics to ask about Best F(r)iends, the audience asked about The Room (we found out Carolyn survived) and also Wiseau's favorite genre of film ("Comedy and tragedy because they are the same thing").

The best moment during the Q&A came when someone asked the movie panel — made up of WiseauSestero and Paul Scheer — their favorite Burt Reynolds film. Sestero said Deliverance, Sheer went with Gator. And then there was Wiseau: "I take my Fifth [Amendment]." He went on to explain why choices are important and his choice was the Fifth. 

Before Best F(r)iends started, the music video for "Scary Love" by The Neighbourhood was shown. Wiseau stars in the video, which is set in a futuristic diner. 

Following the movie, the first person in the lobby was Wiseau. Somehow I got to him before the throng of guests. Shaking hands, he told me that he hoped I enjoyed the film.

"I hope this shows I am a serious actor," he said, earnestly.

Best F(r)iends is a two-parter. The conclusion will be released in June. Part one is only playing in 600 theaters as a special screening Friday and Monday.

For more information, visit BestFriends.movie.