Rian Johnson Refutes Critics of Controversial 'Last Jedi' Scene

In seven tweets, the 'Star Wars' director proves a point.

Rian Johnson on Friday dropped the mic — or maybe it was a lightsaber — on Star Wars fans who got bent out of shape over a specific scene towards the end of The Last Jedi

The movie has been out for some time now, but still, spoilers ahead. 

In a series of tweets, Johnson showed a portion from the 2010 book, "The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force", that states Luke's (Mark Hamill) projected version of himself confronting Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) was an actual Jedi skill and not just something Johnson cooked up.

Through seven tweets of pictures, no words, the director showed himself locating the book and the portion that explains what Luke did is a skill that allows a Jedi "to create a short-lived duplicate of himself." It's described in the book as an "advanced Force technique."

The Last Jedi was loved by critics, but polarized fans. Those who did not care for it gave a variety of reasons, which included issues with the writing of Hamill's character. Still, it seems everyone is in agreement Hamill gave his best performance as Luke. 

The only thing better than Johnson shutting down that particular complaint is that he ended the matter with the popular GIF of Homer Simpson quietly backing into the bushes.