Richwater Films' 'Reign of the General' Starts Shoot

Ricci Harnett directs and stars in the British gangster movie based on the real-life story of Carlton Leach, the notorious soccer hooligan turned underworld kingpin.
Stuart Wilson/Getty Images
Steven Berkoff

LONDON -- Ricci Harnett, who portrayed real-life gangster Carlton Leach in Rise of the Footsoldier, is making his directorial debut and starring as Leach again in Reign of the General, based on the story of the soccer hooligan turned underworld kingpin.

Harnett, directing his own script, has coralled Luke Mably (Exam), Nabil Elouahabi (Zero Dark Thirty), Slaine Kelly (Sket), Andy Linden (The Business), Joshua Osei (Vendetta), Steven Berkoff (The Krays) and Coralie Rose (Dead Cert) to join him in his cast.

The film is being produced by U.K. independent banner Richwater Films (Vendetta) with CEO Jonathan Sothcott and Neil Jones producing.

Reign of the General is shooting on location in East London and Essex and in Europe.

Richwater's next release is Top Dog in May. The film, from actor-turned-director Martin Kemp (The Krays), also stars Harnett.

Sothcott said: "Carlton has been incredibly supportive and helpful and is a lovely guy to work with, and I am seriously impressed by Ricci's commitment and ability."

Richwater's upcoming slate includes We Still Kill the Old Way, Vendetta 2, Age of Kill and Renegades.