'Riddick' Gets 'Blindsided' with Movie Prequel Motion Comic (Video)

Wondering what happened to Vin Diesel's science-fiction anti-hero since 2004's 'Chronicles of Riddick'? The motion comic prologue 'Blindsided' fills in some of the blanks.

With just over a month left before the release of Riddick -- the third in the continually renamed "Chronicles of Riddick" series that began with 2000's Pitch Black -- producers have clearly decided that it's time to start properly laying out a re-introduction to Vin Diesel's sci-fi anti-hero and the universe he lives in, beyond the movie's trailer. First step? A motion comic called Blindsided.

In addition to Diesel's trademark leaden voiceover, the motion comic (a term traditionally used for a comic given limited animation and audio after the fact, except no such Blindsided comic exists) fills in the gaps between Riddick's last cinematic appearance in 2004's The Chronicles of Riddick and September's new release.

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Blindsided also offers potential meta-commentary on the previous direction of the Riddick franchise, from the R-rated Pitch Black to the animated made-for-DVD Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury: "Somewhere along the way I lost a step," Riddick says. "Got sloppy, dulled my own edge -- maybe I went and did the worst crime of all: I got civilized. So now, we zero the clock. Gotta find that animal side again."

Whether or not audiences will respond to the re-animal-sided Riddick remains to be seen. For now, Blindsided will at least help remind the world that this franchise even exists.