'Riddick' Trailer: Vin Diesel Fends Off Alien Onslaught

The third entry in the sci-fi franchise hits theaters Sept. 6.

The latest trailer for Vin Diesel's Riddick recalls the claustrophobic nature of Pitch Black, even adding some dark moments of levity. 

The sci-fi film -- the third entry in a franchise that began in 2000 with a basic thriller, then morphed into a space epic for a 2004 sequel -- sees the antihero left on a desolate planet as mercenaries and hostile aliens chase him. 

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The clip, teased with the line "Rule the Dark," showcases the grittier revival of the series. It appears to be a more PG-13 version of a red-band trailer that was released a few weeks ago.

"When the audience wanted it rated R, we knew we didn’t have to spend $200 million to make this movie," Vin Diesel told an audience at Comic-Con in July. 

The film, set for release by Universal, will hit theaters Sept. 6.