Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus' to Continue in Comic Book Form

Exploring 'Prometheus'
<p><strong>Logan Marshall-Green</strong> (left), <strong>Noomi Rapace</strong> and <strong>Michael Fassbender</strong> explore a planet in the darkest corners of the universe.</p>   |   Twentieth Century Fox
Dark Horse Entertainment tells THR it is "brewing something up" for fans of the 2012 sci-fi title.

If the conclusion of Ridley Scott's Prometheus left you a little worse for wear in terms of figuring out just how the movie connected with the larger Alien franchise -- not to mention curious about the future fates of those involved in the prequel -- then rest assured that help may be on the way sooner than you think. It just may not be coming to a movie theater near you.

Dark Horse Entertainment publisher and founder Mike Richardson tells The Hollywood Reporter that "we're brewing something up that I think the fans of Ridley Scott's amazing film will really like," promising an official announcement soon.

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Earlier on Wednesday, the Bleeding Cool site teased that the Oregon-based publisher would be bringing characters and concepts from Prometheus into its ongoing Aliens comic book franchise, with an announcement due at San Diego Comic-Con two weeks from now.

Dark Horse has a strong history with the Alien franchise. It has published Aliens comics on a regular basis since 1988, and was actually the originator of the Aliens Vs. Predator concept, which went on to spin out two feature films.

The publisher also confirmed to THR that an artist has been officially assigned to the Prometheus project, although said artist wasn't named. Keep your eyes peeled during Comic-Con, it seems.