'Rise of the Guardians' Trailer Delves Into Jack Frost's Backstory (Video)

Rise of the Gaurdians Screengrab - H 2012
<p>Rise of the Gaurdians Screengrab - H 2012</p>
DreamWorks' 3D animation film slated for November release focuses on capturing the magic of childhood.

In the new trailer for Rise of the Guardians, Jack Frost (Chris Pine) enjoys a breezy, carefree existence as the perpetually cool creator of winter weather. Although his unseen presence brings joy to children on snow days, he longs for acceptance and a way to ease his loneliness. 

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Suddenly, Jack is kidnapped by an old rival and thrust into the secret world of the Guardians known as the Big Four: a buff boomerang-bearing Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman); sword-wielding Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin); tenacious, enamel-armed Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher); and sod-slinging yet sleepy Sandman.

These reimagined childhood heroes team up to form an alliance to protect the innocence of youth. Despite Jack’s reluctance to join the superhero-sized group, Santa urges him to seize his “destiny” and use his special talents to battle Pitch (Jude Law), a dark malevolent figure determined to steal dreams and induce nightmares.

Loosely based on William Joyce’s visionary series of children’s books, Rise of the Guardians presents an action-packed adventure epic right in time for the holiday season. The star-studded cast of voice actors breathes life into the characters, conveying a wealth of emotion and providing a refreshing twist on classic childhood icons.

“I really enjoy this movie. I think it is really, really different from the other animated movies that I've seen,” Pine told The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the new trailer for Rise of the Guardians below.