'Deadpool' Creator Rob Liefeld Hopes 'Major X' Will Get Marvel Movie Fans Picking Up Comics

The writer and artist wants to remind audiences about superheroes' original medium.
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment
The writer and artist wants to remind audiences about superheroes' original medium.

As Marvel fans continue to be dissect all things Avengers: Endgame, comic book creator Rob Liefeld is hoping to also give them a reason to pick up a new comic with Major X.

It appears he is succeeding, as Marvel has said that Wednesday's Major X No. 3 sold out ahead of its release and would be going back for a second printing. The first two installments also sold out.

Liefeld is known as the creator of Deadpool, and Major X marks his return to the X-Men comics for the first time in years. The story follows a mysterious mutant from another realm, who suddenly finds himself a refugee away from his universe. In order to understand and rectify his situation, Major X travels to what we know as the Marvel Universe (the 616 universe, to Marvel fans) to learn from some familiar faces.

Liefeld is a fixture at superhero movie premieres, but he also recognizes the importance of comics as a separate medium.

“Comic books were not designed to be storyboards for movies. Comic books have their own brilliant style of storytelling that is unique to what we do,” Liefeld tells The Hollywood Reporter.

According to Liefeld, trying to fit Major X within the Marvel Comic Universe to interact with other characters required a lot of corporate wrangling, which could be challenging at times. That's part of the reason he embraces creating original characters — there's no need to see what they are up to in other people's books.

“If you make your own path and you work around everybody else and you fill it with your own characters — you get your own clearances," he says.

Major X No. 3 is in stores now and will run for six issues. Liefeld is scripting and drawing the six-issues series, which has additional art from Whilce Portacio and Marvel newcomer Brent Peebles.


  • Maya Tribbitt