Rob Liefeld to Mark Deadpool's 30th With Podcast Episodes and a Return to Marvel

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld
Rob Liefeld/Marvel Entertainment; Rich Polk/Getty Images
The writer and artist will detail the character's history as part of his 'Robservations' podcast.

Deadpool is turning 30, and writer and artist Rob Liefeld is preparing to celebrate his best-known creation.

In honor of next year's 30th anniversary, Liefeld will chronicle his 30 years with Deadpool with a five-episode run on his podcast Robservations With Rob Liefeld. The podcast is known for Liefeld's off-the-cuff style, and the creator promises there will be untold Deadpool tales, stories he has purposefully held back until these episodes that begin in January.

"The inside tales I've been able to bring are the ones that seem to get the people most excited," Liefeld tells The Hollywood Reporter of his podcast. "You are not going to want to miss the making of Deadpool told in five parts."

In addition to the podcast episodes, Liefeld will return to Marvel to contribute 30 covers next year, as well as write and draw a story in the March one-shot Deadpool Nerdy 30, which will feature Deadpool tales from a number of writers and artists.

Deadpool is known worldwide thanks to the films starring Ryan Reynolds, but he was also a success out of the gate in comics when he debuted in New Mutants No. 98 back in 1991. Like a proud father, Liefeld still thinks fondly on learning about Deadpool's first action figure, his first appearance in a video game, his first appearance in animation and his first movie.

Says Liefeld: "It never stops. And I've been there for all of it."