Rob Liefeld Unveils 36 'Snake Eyes' Comic Covers

Rob Liefeld Snake Eyes - MAIN -H 2020
Courtesy of Rob Liefeld/IDW
'Deadgame' launches July 15 as comic book stores seek a return to normalcy.

As the comic book industry gets back to business amid the coronavirus pandemic, Rob Liefeld is on a mission to help. The comic creator's Snake Eyes: Deadgame will launch July 15 with 36 different covers that aim to give a boost to comic conventions and retailers, who until recent weeks haven't had new products to offer customers and are looking to bring them back to stores.

"The retailers I go to say things are picking up. They are very positive," Liefeld tells The Hollywood Reporter of recent visits to comic shops in Southern California.

During the pandemic, many shops transitioned to curbside and online sales models and are cautiously reopening with social distancing guidelines in place. Liefeld was among the comic creators who helped struggling shops during the shutdown by auctioning off artwork.

Though he is known for characters such as Deadpool and Cable, Liefeld grew up on G.I. Joe and the work of famed Joe artist Larry Hama. He has long wanted to be a part of the Hasbro property and to work on the silent ninja commando Snake Eyes, who debuted in the 1980s as part of Hasbro and Marvel Comics' relaunch of the G.I. Joe toy line.

Originally, a Snake Eyes movie starring Henry Golding had been due out in March, and Liefeld's comic would have been part of that zeitgeist in the months following. With the pandemic shifting movie release calendars, Snake Eyes is now set for Oct. 23 (although that could always change). Though people can't necessarily go to theaters, Liefeld notes that comics have provided comfort and entertainment during these times, including fans revisiting old classic storylines. 

Says Liefeld: "During the pandemic, people turned more to their childhood interests — board games, retro video games — that's why I think comics have been up."

Take a look at the covers from IDW Publishing below.