Rob Liefeld Unveils First 'Snake Eyes' Comic Art

Rob Liefeld Snake Eyes - MAIN -H 2020
Courtesy of Rob Liefeld/IDW
The Deadpool creator teases a 'Mission: Impossible'-style story for the 'G.I. Joe' character.

Snake Eyes is back, with veteran comic book creator Rob Liefeld unveiling the first look at his take on the G.I. Joe character. Liefeld, known for characters such as Marvel's Deadpool and Cable, writes and draws Snake Eyes: Deadgame for IDW and Hasbro, and The Hollywood Reporter has the first interior pages from the book.

The comic comes as Snake Eyes is poised for a resurgence. Crazy Rich Asians breakout Henry Golding is currently filming a Snake Eyes movie, and Liefeld notes there has long been a correlation between comics laying the groundwork for character's comeback in the pop culture sphere.

In 1996, Liefeld helped relaunch Marvel's Avengers comics with the Heroes Reborn event, which saw the characters rebooted in a pocket universe. While later comics such as The Ultimates are inspiring the stories behind Marvel's big screen success, the strong marketing push behind Heroes Reborn helped put the Avengers front and center for the first time in years. Liefeld's first Heroes Reborn issue is believed to be the top-selling Avengers issue of all time, with more than 300,000 sold.   

"Marvel invested in Cap and the Avengers getting back on top 24 years ago," Liefeld says, noting he believes something similar could be happening with Snake Eyes.

Liefeld grew up with G.I. Joe and Snakes Eyes, and he's diving deep into Joe lore for this comic, which will include an appearance by Intruder, a member of an alien race. 

"I approached it as this gigantic Mission: Impossible that he has been dispatched on. As the layers get peeled away, it makes the threat more enormous," says Liefeld. "Your character is always best when he is in completely over his head, and Snake Eyes finds out in the middle issue one just how in over his head he is."

Snake Eyes: Deadgame will hit stores in June.