Robert Downey Jr. Is All About That Mocked 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Poster

A fan made some changes to the actual advertisement that kicked it up a notch for the 'Iron Man' star.
'Spider-Man Homecoming'

Despite all the criticism, Robert Downey Jr. is a fan of the latest Spider-Man: Homecoming poster — sort of. 

The Iron Man star on Friday posted a fan-made version of that poster for the upcoming Sony/Marvel Studios film with some slight changes: even more Tony Stark and Iron Man. 

"There's something I like about this poster... ;)," Downey Jr. wrote, sharing a poster made by someone with the username grandtheftbicycle.

The actual poster for the July 7 film was poked fun at because it had a lot going on. There's a large face of both Tony Stark and an Iron Man as well as Peter Parker and Spider-Man. When the new poster came out in late May, along with a new trailer, fans were quick to make their own mock versions, some adding random images to make the advertisement even more cluttered. 

Check out Downey Jr.'s favorite below: 

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