Robert Kirkman Revamps 'Invincible,' Revives 'Tech Jacket'

Tech Jacket Digital Cover - P 2014
<p>Tech Jacket Digital Cover - P 2014</p>   |   Khary Randolph/Image Comics
The "Walking Dead" creator promises a new direction for his long-running superhero series and announces a binge-ready digital revival of an early creation.

Having conquered the horror comics market with The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman is turning his attention back toward his Invincible superhero universe, promising a new direction for the long-running series and the return of a missed fan-favorite title in a new format.

Calling the 111th issue of Invincible "three number 1s in a row," Kirkman said that the series will change in the wake of its current storyline. "I think people will be surprised with the direction that we're going in," he told the audience of today's Image Expo in San Francisco, saying the shift in focus and scale will seem like a new writer has taken over the series -- one he called "The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman" because of what he joked would be "an increased amount of horror and misery" in the series.

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Kirkman also announced a revival of his Tech Jacket series at the expo, with Joe Keatinge and Khary Randolph responsible for Tech Jacket Digital, a three-issue series that brings back Kirkman's 2002 mashup of the Iron Man and Green Lantern high concepts.

Unusually, Tech Jacket Digital is being released in something akin to the Netflix model, with all three issues released simultaneously in Image Comics' digital store today. (Releases on other digital platforms will follow next week.) "I think it has a lot of potential," Kirkman said about the revival. If nothing else, the possibility of binge-purchasing new comic series in this way is certainly a potential game changer. How long before other publishers follow suit?