Robert Pattinson Says He's Found His "Gap" for Batman Portrayal

The actor is currently stuck in London while the Warner Bros. production is shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In London, Robert Pattinson is stuck in a Warner Bros.-provided Airbnb, where, he admits, he is not working out as much as he should for playing Bruce Wayne/Batman. Production for the highly anticipated film is currently on pause due to the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in the release being pushed from summer 2021 to October 2021. 

In a series of interviews with GQ published Tuesday, the actor discussed multiple topics, highlighting his career and why he made the decision to go back into the big-budget studio spotlight with Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Matt Reeves' The Batman.

Thankful for his production meal plan but feeling guilty he is not working out enough (“Literally, I’m just barely doing anything"), the Twilight star said he initially considered all the downsides of playing Batman, which he decided were actually upsides, he told the magazine. 

"I kind of like the fact that not only are there very, very, very well-done versions of the character which seem pretty definitive, but I was thinking that there are multiple definitive playings of the character," he said during interviews done via FaceTime due to quarantine. "I was watching the making of Batman & Robin the other day. And even then, George Clooney was saying that he was worried about the fact that it’s sort of been done, that a lot of the ground you should cover with the character has been already covered. And that’s in ’96, ’97?"

Pattinson will be the sixth actor to don the cowl on the big screen, Ben Affleck being the previous. Affleck got burned out after two films (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League) and walked away from a chance to act and direct a standalone Batman film. Enter Reeves and subsequently Pattinson, who was cast in the role while working on Dark Knight trilogy director Nolan's Tenet.

Pattinson told GQ he is well aware the Batman character has been well explored and much of the ground covered — but not all of it. And the actor remains confident his "gap" had been found. 

"You’ve seen this sort of lighter version, you’ve seen a kind of jaded version, a kind of more animalistic version," he said. "And the puzzle of it becomes quite satisfying, to think: Where’s my opening? And also, do I have anything inside me which would work if I could do it? And then also, it’s a legacy part, right? I like that."

Pattinson's casting as the iconic DC superhero — and first few glances of him in costume and the new Batmobile — set the internet on fire, which always happens with a new Batman, and he said he finds that fascinating. 

"There’s so few things in life where people passionately care about it before it’s even happened," he told the magazine. "You can almost feel that pushback of anticipation, and so it kind of energizes you a little bit. It’s different from when you’re doing a part and there’s a possibility that no one will even see it. Right? In some ways it’s, I don’t know…. It makes you a little kind of spicy."