Former Robin, Former Batman Becomes a Super-Spy in 'Grayson'

Spinning out of the "Forever Evil" storyline, Dick Grayson will set aside his career as Nightwing to become a super-spy in the new series from DC Entertainment.
Mikel Janin/DC Entertainment

As Marvel’s SHIELD falls apart in the wake of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, competitor DC Entertainment has announced a new ongoing comic series recasting Dick Grayson, the former Robin, as an agent of the mysterious organization known as Spyral.

Grayson picks up the character following the current Forever Evil series, where his double identity as the crime fighter Nightwing was revealed to the world, and seemingly murdered. As a result, he’s given the chance to “take off the mask and step out on his own in a world where he's not simply being another hero like the hero he grew up with,” series co-writer Tom King told USA Today.

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The move from superhero to super-spy comes at the request of Batman, according to King’s collaborator on the series, Tim Seeley, with the Dark Knight being one of the few characters who knows that Grayson survived the events of Forever Evil. “Obviously, he’s a part of a legacy,” the writer said. “He’s been Robin, he’s been Batman, and now he’s out in the cold by himself.”

Spyral, the organization he joins, came from the recent Batman, Incorporated series and remains a morally ambiguous organization dedicated to the greater good at any cost, a point that the series intends to highlight, with King — himself a former CIA counterterrorism officer — saying that the hero is “dealing with an organization that may go beyond his comfort zone.”

Illustrated by Justice League Dark’s Mikel Janin, Grayson launches in July.