'RoboCop' Reboot: First Look at Suit Hits the Web

RoboCop Poster Art - P 2012
<p>RoboCop Poster Art - P 2012</p>
Photos from the first day of shooting show an all-black suit that's more exo-skeleton than cyborg.

Shooting began this week in Toronto for MGM and Sony's RoboCop reboot, and photos of Joel Kinnaman in the new RoboCop suit have already hit the Internet.

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Posted to ComingSoon.net, the pictures feature Kinnaman sporting an all-black suit and visor helmet.

Unlike the original RoboCop, whose chrome-and-black armor suggested something that was part-man, part-carburetor, the new suit is a more anatomically-inspired and streamlined design, more exo-skeleton than cyborg.

It recalls certain examples of superhero outerwear -- more specifically, those worn by Batman in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

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RoboCop is due in theaters Aug. 13, 2013.