'RoboCop' Returning to Theaters for 30th Anniversary (Exclusive)

Robotocop Still 1987 - Photofest - H 2017
Star Peter Weller will be on hand for the Alamo Drafthouse celebration on Sept. 10.

RoboCop is ready to serve and protect once again.

Monday marks the official thirtieth anniversary of the 1987 classic, and Alamo Drafthouse is using RoboCop's birthday to unveil some good news. Director Paul Verhoeven’s film is returning to theaters for a one-night event that will feature RoboCop himself, actor Peter Weller.

The RoboCop event will be live-streamed to theaters around the country from Dallas City Hall, where the production filmed its OCP Headquarters scenes. The Dallas event will feature food trucks, a full bar with RoboCop-themed cocktails and plenty of photo ops.

Weller will participate in a Q&A after the screening. September's RoboCop event is being presented by Birth.Movies.Death, SYFY and Alamo Drafthouse. Ticketing information can be found here. And another important thing to remember: Even if you can't make it to Dallas, the Alamo Drafthouse screenings will also be RoboCop parties, with props galore.

RoboCop was a big hit when it debuted in 1987 and has only grown in popularity over time. It tells the story of Alex Murphy (Weller), a Detroit police officer who dies in the line of duty and is turned into a cybernetic officer with three directives: serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law. The daring film posed questions about the influence of corporate interests and the role of law enforcement in society. It went on to spawn two sequels (as well as an ill-fated 2014 reboot).

Kevin Page, one of the film's original stars, recently revealed to Heat Vision that his character's gory death (via the ED-209) wasn't gory enough for Verhoeven, who kept seeking to make it gorier. (Read his wild story here.)