RoboCop Takes on Drunk Driving This Holiday Season

The unexpected secret weapon in the fight against drunk driving this year? The future of law enforcement.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is pulling out the big guns with its anti-drunk driving campaign this year -- almost literally, with the rebooted RoboCop joining the fight. Two new promos for the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign feature clips from next year's new movie.

Debuting on the NHTSA's YouTube page, which explains that "this holiday season cops are stepping up their mission to protect the streets from drunk driving. And they are using the future of law enforcement to help." The new PSAs feature footage from the Jose Padilha-directed remake, somewhat incongruously included beside the serious message.

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RoboCop is set to hit theaters Feb. 12. Non-cyborg cops are watching out for drunk drivers right now, however.