'Robotech' Trailer Reveals Comic Book Revival's New Look

Titan Comics has released a preview of the series, based on the fan-favorite 1980s animation.
Courtesy of Marco Turini/Titan Comics

Titan Comics has released a trailer for its upcoming Robotech comic book series, teasing a continuation of the beloved 1980s animated series that is unafraid to challenge fans' memories of what came before.

The new series, which launches this summer, sees the creative team of Brian Wood, Marco Turini and Marco Lesko reinterpreting the series with a storyline that sees fractures in the timeline rewrite history even as Veritech pilot Roy Fokker and newcomer Rick Hunter fight off an invasion by the alien Zentraedi.

"Robotech has received direct adaptations in comics before, but it's not been modernized like we’re doing it now," Wood said in a statement about the new series. "If you think of the new J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek as an example of a way to honor something and also update it, that’s the approach we’re talking."

The new trailer emphasizes this shift in direction, mixing footage of the original animated series with images from the new incarnation. Also on display in the trailer: the multiple covers for the first issue, from artists including Stanley "Artgerm" Lau and Gotham Academy's Karl Kerschl.

Robotech No. 1 will be released in comic stores and digitally July 26. If you're looking for more of what to expect, unlettered artwork from that issue by Tuini and Lesko is below.