'The Rocketeer' Finally Coming to Blu-ray

The beloved Disney adaptation of the 1980s comic book starred Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly and Timothy Dalton.
"The Rocketeer"

Disney has heard the cries of fans and has finally given The Rocketeer a Blu-ray release date: Dec.13, 2011.

News of the Blu-ray began leaking earlier this week when it popped up on Amazon.com, with the company making the news official today.

Rocketeer is the beloved adaptation of the short-lived Dave Stevens 1980s comic book that starred Billy Campbell, Jenifer Connelly and Timothy Dalton. When the Joe Johnston-directed movie was first released in 1991, Disney considered it a disaster. Since then, however, it’s gained a loyal and rapid following and has become an influencer on a generation of young Hollywood execs.

A 20th anniversary screening of the movie in June put on by Disney fan club D23 showed how loved the movie is, with the event not only selling out but fans dressing up as the jet-pack clad hero. 

One reason for the love is the movie wears its heart on its sleeve. The story of test pilot finding a jet pack and using it to fight Nazis in 1940s Hollywood is unironic and a little bit cornbally, but that, along with the great score, has only give the movie an ageless quality.

And in a way, this summer’s Captain America, also directed by Johnston, is great companion piece to it.

No details in terms of extras were given but they may be minimal. The edition is only one disc, so it’s not a DVD or digital combo pack. The price will be $26.50

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