'Rocketeer Reborn' Comic Book Series Cancelled

Rocketeer Reborn - Publicity - P 2018
Javier Pulido/IDW
The five-issue IDW series would have updated the pulp hero for the 21st century.

Despite an earlier announcement, Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer will not fly into the present day after all. IDW Publishing has cancelled the upcoming miniseries Rocketeer Reborn weeks before it was scheduled to launch, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The five-issue series had been announced in September, with the creative team of Elsa Charretier, Pierrick Colinet and Javier Pulido updating the iconic comic book hero for the 21st century with a storyline in which Cliff Secord’s jetpack was discovered decades after he had last flown through the sky.

In a statement at the time of announcement, Charretier and Colinet called it an “immense honor … to contribute to Dave Stevens’ legacy, and a big responsibility as well,” adding, “We hope people will find a fresh, pulp-noir, modern Rocketeer, as Javier Pulido’s wonderfully unique style and inventive storytelling bring this new adventure to life.”

Comic store retailers were told Monday that all orders for the two issues that had previously been solicited had been cancelled, with no plans to resolicit for a later date.

IDW released a statement to THR about the cancellation, which reads: "IDW deeply appreciates the excitement and support received from Rocketeer fans upon the announcement of the Rocketeer Reborn series. Unfortunately, with heavy hearts, we have to cancel this particular series, but never fear — The Rocketeer will return from IDW!”