'Rogue One' International Trailer Delivers More Darth Vader

The 'Star Wars' standalone film's latest look offers a few big clues.

It's just a glimpse, but Rogue One: A Star Wars Story offers a little more Darth Vader in its new international trailer, and also expands upon the backstory of Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones).

New footage shows Jyn running from hostile aircraft as a young girl, and the Rebellion leadership explaining why they need her help. You also get to see a ragtag team assemble to steal the plans for the Death Star, as well as a the Death Star in action for a weapon's test — suggesting that previously seen footage of Jyn and her pals frantically flying in terrible conditions is actually them escaping a planet that has been attacked by the massive weapon.

There's even a hint that Jyn may be Force sensitive, (or at least, someone close to her believed in it when she was a child).

The film, from director Gareth Edwards, previously released a trailer in April, as well as a followup in August and a third and final domestic trailer last month

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters Dec. 16.