'Rogue One' Blu-ray Bonus Content Is Fun, But Mostly Frustrating

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) - Felicity Jones - Photofest-H 2017
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest
Don't get too excited for extended or deleted scenes.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is finally out on Blu-ray and digital HD, and for the Jedi faithful, it couldn't arrive fast enough. 

The movie itself is fantastic, but just as exciting is the prospect of bonus content — because there has got to be a ton of extra stuff, like crazy scenes that were cut and alternate takes from the extensive reshoots, right?! 

Heat Vision got its hands on the Blu-ray and ... not so much. (Cue sad R2-D2 beep.)

The bonus features on Rogue One are fun, they are, but come on! No commentary track?! No deleted scenes?! This is especially frustrating because we know there were so many changes to this film. Ben Mendelsohn, who plays Orson Krennic has gone so far as to say an "enormously different" version exists.

"We did have multiple, multiple ways of going at any given scenario, we had multiple readings of it," Mendelsohn told Collider in late December. "So should they ever decide to, there would be a wealth of ways of approaching these different things. And I know from having seen sort of the crucial kind of scenes throughout it, I know there’s vastly different readings of at least four of those scenes."

Now, we know Disney has no plans to release an alternate cut, but it only makes sense there were some scenes left on the cutting room floor due to time and pace. Where are those? 

And, again, why no commentary track? Even if director Gareth Edwards was told to lay off the reshoots talk, it would still be fantastic to hear his insight on what we are seeing. 

Perhaps there may be some ultimate edition down the line that has a lot more bonus content, which would be a ploy to squeeze a few more bucks out of us (that is a different nerd rant altogether …). But seriously, how many versions of a single movie do we need to buy before we get what we want?  

To be fair, the "Stories" part of the extras is fun, especially showing all that went into Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin being in the film. Those short videos are well done, but, for the most part, they have the feeling of something that you would expect to see before the movie was released to get fans hyped rather than a deeper dive afterward. 

And the "Connections" portion — which explain how the movie relates to the other films — is cute, but most fans already know the connections within the film to other Star Wars stories. 

Oh, well. At least we finally get to watch Rogue One on loop at home.