'Rogue One' Honest Trailer Highlights the 'New Hope' Scene That Now Looks Even Sillier

Meet an all-new gang of rebels "you shouldn't get too attached to."
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Photofest
'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

All eyes are on Star Wars: The Last Jedi  as fans prepare to descend upon Orlando, Fla., for Star Wars Celebration this week — but before they do, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story deserves another look.

Honest Trailers is taking on the Star Wars prequel — er, we mean "Story" — and having plenty of fun with it.

Meet an all-new gang of rebels "you shouldn't get too attached to," says the narrator.

Jyn: "The rebellious rebel, who rebels so hard, she does whatever her dad tells her, whatever her surrogate dad tells her and whatever her new co-worker tells her."  

K2-S0: "A droid with more personality than any of the human characters."

Cassian: "A rebel whose most heroic moment comes when he doesn't murder someone for once." 

There are also plenty of nods to the scenes shown in the trailers that never made it into the film (thanks, reshoots), as well as pointing out Vader's awesome hallway scene makes his Obi-Wan battle in A New Hope a little silly in comparison. Check it out in all its glory: