'Rogue One': How a Rebel Soldier Gets Ready for Battle Revealed

Rogue One Gillette Ad - H - 2016
The surprisingly touching campaign Gillette explores how a soldier ends up on the battlefront.

Everyone is familiar with the "War" part of Star Wars, but not enough attention is paid to the inhabitants of a galaxy far, far away in their downtime… until now. As part of a new promotional campaign tying into next month's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Gillette puts a human face on the Rebellion.

The campaign — called "Every Story Has A Face" — will include four limited edition gift packs featuring designs for Gillette products featuring Stormtrooper and X-Wing Pilot helmets as well as other familiar iconography from the Star Wars franchise, alongside the Rogue One logo.

To launch the campaign, Gillette teamed with Lucasfilm to create a one minute trailer that begins with a face-off between Rebel and Imperial forces from Rogue One, and then rewinds through time to show how one Rebel soldier arrived at that particular point of his life. It's a simple sequence that doesn't offer any plot details for the movie, but nonetheless manages to humanize the background players in a way that Star Wars rarely manages.

More information about the campaign can be found here. Watch the trailer below.