Kathleen Kennedy Says There Will Be No 'Rogue One' Sequel

Sorry, everyone waiting for 'Rogue Two.'

Things aren't looking good for Jyn Erso or the rest of her Rogue One: A Star Wars Story comrades. According to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, no matter how well the first stand-alone Star Wars performs at the box office, there won't be a sequel.

Kennedy made the announcement in the latest issue of Empire's print magazine (as noticed by /Film), and she was backed up by John Knoll — the Lucasfilm chief creative officer and former visual effects supervisor who came up with the idea for the movie in the first place — and director Gareth Edwards.

Edwards, in fact, goes so far as to say that any sequel "will be directed by George Lucas," referencing the fact that the new movie is explicitly intended as a prequel to the 1977 original Star Wars that launched the entire franchise.

Since Rogue One was announced, many have speculated that it would end poorly for the team led by Felicity Jones' character, the daughter of a scientist working on the creation of the Empire's Death Star. That pessimism might be confirmed by this news; after all, if all of the protagonists ended up dead by the end of the movie, it would explain why Kennedy et al could be quite so firm about the lack of a Rogue Two, even if the movie is a mammoth hit.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to be released Dec. 16.