'Rogue One' Video Offers Closer Look at Its Grit, Grime and Beauty

"It's like the world's greatest toy set."

There have been months of Rogue One trailers, TV spot and posters teasing the first Star Wars standalone film — but there's something particularly arresting about a new featurette released Thursday.

Moviegoers are so used to movie magic that it's easy to forget that director Gareth Edwards and his cast were interacting with a full-sized X-Wing, droids and aliens on the set of the film. Most behind-the-scenes featurettes for blockbusters don't add much to the conversation about a film that's had months of buildup, but this one shows off wonderfully candid moments on the set and captures the wonder the cast and crew.

"It's like the world's greatest toy set. It's a bit like being a kid again," says Edwards in the featurette.

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