The Running Games: On Similarities Between Katniss and Arnold (Video)

'The Hunger Games' Video Thumbnail - H 2012
Imagine a world where Arnold Schwarzenegger was so moved by the similarities between "The Hunger Games" and his "Running Man" that he performed a song about it -- or better yet, just watch this video.

When The Hunger Games first came to prominence, there were those who felt as if they'd seen that whole "reality show where people die" thing somewhere before -- and not just in Battle Royale, either. Was Arnold Schwarzenegger the first Jennifer Lawrence?

A new video from comedians and composers Jon Kaplan and Al Kaplan addresses the similarities between The Hunger Games and 1987's The Running Man -- in which convicted criminals are hunted down and killed live on television -- from the viewpoint of Schwarzenegger himself. Except that this fictional Arnold likes to express himself in song.

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The song -- which has a title that cannot be shared on a family-friendly blog like this, so consider it NSFW if you have a cursing-intolerant work environment -- asks the important questions when comparing the two movies ("Does Katniss look great in a bright yellow suit/Or tell jokes when she cuts you in two?"), but sadly avoids any mention of Rollerball -- you know, that 1975 movie in which the most popular sport in America is a hyper-violent game cynically created to keep the populace distracted from the horrors surrounding them. Obviously, we need a follow-up song from Faux James Caan.