Ryan Reynolds Drops New Aviation Gin Ad With Help From Fyre Festival Doc Standout Andy King

The 'Deadpool' star acquired an ownership interest in the company in early 2018 and has done multiple spots for it.

Ryan Reynolds is at it again.

On Wednesday, the actor and businessman dropped a new commercial for his gin brand, Aviation.

The spot, titled "How far," is a little longer than a minute. In it, the Deadpool star is shown once again hard at work for his company, forging each newly designed bottle by hand. The tone is serious enough — but this is a Ryan Reynolds piece, so there's a hilarious payoff.

Essentially, Reynolds talks about how he is willing to do anything for his company, including (glass) blowing all the new signature bottles himself. "Because can you ever really go too far for your company? I just don't think it's possible," he says. 

The kicker shows Fyre Festival documentary standout Andy King sitting at a bar, watching the ad. When it concludes, King says, "He gets it" before ordering a glass of Aviation. 

In January, King became something of an overnight sensation after he was featured in the Netflix documentary about the disastrous Fyre music festival titled Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

Event producer and mentor to the festival’s now incarcerated creator, Billy McFarland, King was prepared to try and save the event — or "Take one big thing for the team"— when McFarland asked him to perform oral sex on a customs official in order to get four 18-wheeler trucks of Evian water into the country for Fyre-goers.

King revealed in the doc that he ultimately didn't have to go through with it — but he was prepared to.

His honesty about the crazy story turned him into a meme goldmine. King said he was well aware of the memes and loved them.

Reynolds acquired an ownership interest in Aviation Gin in early 2018. He has done multiple spots for his company. 

Watch the new Aviation Gin commercial featuring King, below. 

Production Credits:
Director / DP Bryan Rowland
Producer Alec Eskander
Production Company: Escape Velocity Content