Ryan Reynolds Catches Up With His Savage "Twin Brother"

The 'Deadpool 2' star gets roasted by his fake sibling (played by the actor) in a new video.

It is a family reunion of sorts.

Ryan Reynolds recently caught up with his “twin brother,” Gordon, who really put the Deadpool star through the ringer.

Of course, Reynolds does not have a twin brother, he is just busting his own chops with laugh-out-loud zingers.

This is not the first time Ryan and Gordon sat down for an interview; the recent meeting was to celebrate both Father’s Day and World Gin Day (June 9), which is meaningful since Reynolds now owns Aviation Gin.

After polishing off a tall glass of warm gin (please have let that been water) in the middle of the interview, Gordon asks of Ryan's ownership, “So, roughly, how many celebrities passed before they found you?”

That zinger nearly ends the interview before the “brothers” start speaking in unison to get under one another’s skin.

Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 opened last month to record-breaking numbers, grossing more that $610 million worldwide. 

Check out the interview above.