Ryan Reynolds: 'Deadpool' Movie Will Be Made 'In Our Lifetime'

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<p> This was supposed to be the summer he became a genuine A-lister. But &quot;Green Lantern&quot; and &quot;The Change-Up&quot; opened soft, leaving his star power in question.</p>   |   Jason Merritt/Getty Images
The actor promises that the long-developed "X-Men" spinoff will be made "eventually."

With Warner Bros' dreams of a big-screen Green Lantern series appearing to have taken a turn toward the blackest night, Ryan Reynolds is once again talking about the possibility of headlining a movie based on Marvel Comics' Deadpool, telling reporters in the U.K. that the movie will "get made, eventually."

Reynolds said that currently, the prospective Deadpool adaptation is "actually very small," with "minimal impact to the studio, which is the way we're kind of presenting it to them. We're saying 'Look, the budget is minimal. Therefore, can we do this the way it should be done?' "

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For Reynolds, the way it should be done translates as an R rating. "It needs those elements," he said. "It's very meta, I mean, the character knows he's in a movie, he knows he's in a comic book. He names studio executives in the script. So, it's kind of a risky property. But, you know, we'll see."

Reynolds has been linked to a potential Deadpool solo movie for years, even before he debuted as the character in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (His interest in the property dates back to 2003.) He seems to be taking the long gestation as a good sign, however. Asked outright whether or not Deadpool will actually be made, he replied: "In our lifetime? Yeah, I think so. I think if I were a betting man, it'll get made, eventually. I mean, it's just been developed to high heaven."