Ryan Reynolds Explains the Delicate, Hilarious Process of Batching Aviation Gin

Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin - H 2018
Aviation Gin/Screengrab
The actor and businessman acquired an ownership interest in the company earlier this year.

Ryan Reynolds can make anything funny — even how alcohol is made.

In a short released Thursday for his company, Aviation Gin, the Deadpool actor and businessman explained what set his product apart from the competition. And, of course, it is pretty over-the-top.

"People come up to me all the time and they say, 'What makes Aviation Gin so delicious?' Most of the time I run away because non-celebrities frighten me," Reynolds begins.

In the video, a little more than 90 seconds long, he goes on to break down the process of making the spirit.

"The reason some people don't drink gin is that strong juniper taste. So, after apologizing to each berry individually, we beat the living hell out of them," Reynolds says. "To ensure that heavenly taste, every bottle of Aviation is ordained by the Unitarian Church of Fresno, California. And then, before it departs home, serenaded by the healing music of Sarah McLachlan."

There is more to it, but it is funnier to hear Reynolds explain.

Reynolds acquired an ownership interest in Aviation Gin earlier this year.

He currently stars in Once Upon a Deadpool, in theaters now.

Watch the short below.

Production Credits:
Director / DP Bryan Rowland
Producer Alec Eskander
Production Company: Escape Velocity Content