Ryan Reynolds' "Good Fight" Over 'Deadpool' Rating Leads to Unexpected Conclusion (Video)

The film will be rated R and the actor has an April Fools' joke for fans.

There's been a lot of discussion online recently about the rating of Fox's Deadpool adaptation, but even as Ryan Reynolds tries to calm down fans, the mutant Merc with the Mouth has the final word.

Reynolds has been teasing a potential conflict with the studio about the rating for the Deadpool movie on Twitter for the last few days:

He even went so far as to address the issue in a video for JoBlo.com on Wednesday afternoon — which finally settled the manner in a way that few might have seen coming.

As the actor explained in a final tweet, the entire issue was an April Fools' joke — or, as he put it, an "April Pools."

Deadpool will be released Feb. 2016. If nothing else, it should be applauded for the most unexpected teaser trailer campaign in recent memory.

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