Ryan Reynolds: I "Wept" When Seeing the Finished 'Deadpool' Costume

"Tears coming down our cheeks," the actor says of seeing his new supersuit. "It felt so good."

Sure, the fans might have been ecstatic when they saw the Deadpool footage from San Diego Comic-Con, but the movie's star Ryan Reynolds was even more excited when he saw his character's costume for the first time. In fact, he was moved to tears.

"Boy, we had to fight to get the suit to where it is now," Reynolds told ComicBook.com, adding, "There was a lot of work with very little time. Fox gave us the green light and we had to be on camera in twelve weeks. That’s no time for prep. So we kept fighting and fighting to make tweaks to the suit. Like when the deadline has passed and we were still going back and forth."

The struggle was worth it, however. "When we finally saw that suit, fully done, finished and completed…both [director] Tim Miller and I wept," Reynolds said. "I’m not even exaggerating, we wept in Simi Valley, California, in some warehouse where some guy makes all these crazy suits and had this one under a spotlight. We walked in and we wept. Tears coming down our cheeks. It felt so good."

Reynolds had pointed out the faithfulness of the costume to its comic book inspiration during the movie's preview in Hall H at Comic-Con this past weekend, with a line in the footage shown taking a swipe at the costume of the superhero Reynolds played in Green Lantern.

Deadpool will be released Feb. 12, 2016.