Ryan Reynolds Shares 'Deadpool' "For Your Consideration" Video for Awards Season

Deadpool - Photofest - H - 2016
The star shared an exclusive video on his Twitter account Thursday night.

Ryan Reynolds tweeted a short "For Your Consideration" video for Deadpool on Thursday evening, following the announcement of nominations for the film from the WGAPGA and DGA in recent weeks.

The anti-superhero film was a massive commercial success in theaters, helped in large part by its memorable marketing campaign, which included faux romantic-comedy-themed billboards and a Twitter account for the film that only followed Hello Kitty.

The film has been racking up nominations, which has shocked many, including a best comedy or musical nomination from the Golden Globes last weekend, as well as a best actor nom for Reynolds. It lost both to La La Land, as Ryan Gosling's jazz pianist beat out Reynold's Merc With a Mouth.

In the new video, Reynolds narrates a list of the film's achievements over a montage of shots from the movie underscored by a dramatic orchestral arrangement. Such highlights include "42 rejection letters from Fox," "seven magical unicorns" and "three good walls and a fourth that's broken."

Watch the video below.