Sam Kieth's 'The Maxx' Returns in Calendar Form

Maxx Calendar Announcement
Sam Kieth/Clover Press
The fan-favorite creator has illustrated two new covers for the project, live now on Kickstarter.

More than two decades after its initial publication, Sam Kieth’s The Maxx remains the high watermark for the creator, and a beloved series for many fans. Next year, they’ll get a chance to demonstrate their love with a new 12-month calendar featuring artwork from the series, currently being funded on Kickstarter.

The Maxx originally ran as a comic book series from 1993 through 1998, although it might be better known to a certain audience from its MTV animated adaptation, which appeared as part of the anthology series Oddities in the mid-1990s. It was later reprinted by IDW in a re-mastered edition, titled The Maxx: Maxximized. The series centers around the eponymous hero, who exists both in the “real world,” where’s he’s a homeless man, and the Outback, where he’s the protector of the Jungle Queen — who also exists in the real world as his social worker, Julie Winters.

The new Kickstarter will feature two different editions of the wire-bound 11” x 17” calendar from Clover Press, with each featuring different all-new cover artwork by Kieth in addition to the 12 classic illustrations used inside the calendar properly, each having previously appeared on covers for either Image Comics’ original serialization of the title, or IDW’s reprint run. Additional tiers on the campaign will feature The Maxx postcards, as well as signed variants of Marvel’s Juggernaut No. 1, drawn by Kieth.

The Maxx 2021 Calendar was a Clover Press idea, particularly Robbie Robbins’s idea,” Kieth told The Hollywood Reporter. “It uses my cover art from the Image and IDW runs of the comic, with two new Maxx pieces of art for the calendar covers. For those who still are Maxx fans, or people that like large purple monsters with a claw as a middle finger… this calendar is for you.”

More details about the campaign can be found here.