'Saucer State' Comic Explores Connection Between Aliens and White House (Exclusive Preview)

The cult comic book mix of 'The West Wing' and 'The X-Files' returns in May.
Ryan Kelly/IDW Publishing
The cult comic book mix of 'The West Wing' and 'The X-Files' returns in May.

The latest President of the United States knows things that the rest of America doesn't — and what she doesn't know, she's going to find out as soon as possible. Yes, that's right, "she." Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly's upcoming Saucer State will revive the cult sci-fi political series at a time when it's never felt more timely, and The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive look at the first issue.

Saucer State, announced at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, brings back Arcadia Alvarado, a woman who might have been abducted by aliens years ago, and definitely is the new Commander-in-Chief, in a series that picks up the story from DC Entertainment/Vertigo's 2013 Saucer Country.

That series, which ran 14 issues, took familiar abduction tropes and conspiracy theories and put a new spin on them: What is the connection between the government and alien abduction, and do even those who believe they're pulling the strings know the whole truth? Think The X-Files meets The West Wing. (The original series will be reprinted by IDW in a new deluxe edition before the release of Saucer State.)

"I'm delighted that IDW have come aboard to let us reinvigorate this story, with a new twist, in a year when the struggle of a female President to fight for the truth has become horribly relevant," Cornell told THR about the new series.

Cornell, a former writer of the BBC's Doctor Who, is no stranger to comics; in addition to work on Batman and Robin for DC and Wolverine for Marvel, he started a run on Dynamite Entertainment's Vampirella with a specially priced "zero issue" earlier this month.

The first issue of Saucer State will be released in May. Below is a preview of Ryan Kelly's artwork from the issue.