'Saw' Honest Trailer: "A Great Idea For a Student Short Film"

Saw 2004 Film Still - H 2013
And you thought the Jigsaw Killer was brutal

Ahead of the Halloween day re-release of the original Saw, Honest Trailers has given us an unflinching look at the movie spawned six sequels.

First describing the film as "a great idea for a student short film," Honest Trailers goes on to laud the horror flick for combining "the traps of Willy Coyote with the terrifying puppetry of Jeff Dunham."

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Honest Trailers has previously lampooned movies like 300, Green Lantern, Man of Steel and the X-Men trilogy.

But, the Saw Honest Trailer ends on a positive note, when the narrator offers: "Hey, at least it is not a found footage movie."

Maybe we can look forward to an Honest Trailer for Paranormal Activity

Watch the Honest Trailer below.