'Scarface' Update Being Developed By Universal

The film would be produced by former studio head Marc Shmuger and Martin Bregman, producer on the 1983 remake.
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Say hello to Universal’s new little friend.

The studio is developing a new Scarface movie to be produced by ousted former studio head Marc Shmuger and Martin Bregman, the veteran producer who made the 1983 remake.

The project is in the early stages but it being described as not a sequel or outright remake of the 1983 Al Pacino-starring movie nor the 1932 Paul Muni-George Raft  movie.

Each of those were crime sagas telling the rise and fall of a gangster, and each was a mirror of their time. The 1932 version was set in Chicago and featured bootlegging, Italians and Irish mobsters. The 1983 version was set in Latin-loving Miami and cocaine was the vice of choice.

The new Scarface is planned to be the same: a crime tale set in today’s world, offering a dark look at the American Dream.