'Scene Maker' App Lets Fans Recreate Iconic 'Star Wars' Scenes

New iOS app gives users the opportunity to direct their own battles on Endor, Cloud City chases or Death Star attacks.
Disney Interactive/Lucasfilm

If you’ve watched the first three Star Wars movies so often that you’ve started to imagine that you could’ve done better, Lucasfilm and Disney is ready to let you try to prove it. Released Thursday, the new Star Wars Scene Maker app allows fans the chance to recreate famous moments from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

The free app revisits climactic scenes from each of the three movies — the Battle of Endor from Jedi comes with the app, while “Cloud City Duel” from Empire and “Death Star Trench Run” from the first movie are available as in-app purchases for $2.99 each or bundled at $3.99 — with users able to choose from three different camera angles, select musical cues from John Williams’ famous score and add dialogue from the actual movies. They can also add their own dialogue, switch out which characters appear in the scenes and add their own version of the famous Star Wars title crawl. The finished product can then be exported to YouTube or Facebook.

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In a press release announcing the release of the app, executive vice president of Disney Publishing Worldwide Andrew Sugerman said “At Disney Publishing, we are committed to reaching today's consumers in deeper, more engaging ways through innovative and immersive storytelling experiences. Star Wars Scene Maker allows us to put kids and fans of all ages in the director's seat and provide them with ways to unleash their creativity and share their passion for the Star Wars brand in a new way.”

The app, which will be updated with new content including some related to the upcoming Star Wars Rebels animated series, is currently only available for products running iOS 7 or later. Its release follows May’s launch of Star Wars Journeys, which turns the first six movies in the series into digital storybooks for younger audiences.