Sci-Fi Comic 'Chariot' to Hit Stores in March

AWA Chariot Announcement
Jeff Dekal/AWA
The AWA series is described as 'Knight Rider' meets 'The Matrix.'

What happens when a Cold War-era superweapon considered lost decades earlier suddenly reappears, throwing the life of the man who rediscovered it into utter chaos? That’s the hook behind AWA’s new thriller Chariot, launching next year.

Described by the publisher as “Knight Rider meets The Matrix,” Chariot is named after the muscle car filled with advanced technology that is found by a petty criminal looking to turn his life around. Little did he know that the car is the perfect tool to make that happen — if only it wasn’t being controlled by the consciousness of the super-agent originally intended to drive it.

The series is the creation of Bryan Edward Hill (Batman and the Outsiders), Priscilla Petraites (Rat Queens) and colorist Marco Lesko (Robotech Remix).

Chariot is my ode to the neon-righteous sci-fi action stories I've always loved,” Hill told The Hollywood Reporter. “Like a lot of my work it's a story about redemption and purpose, and this one is born out of my love of speed, synthwave, manga, and straight-no-chaser action thrills. It's a character-driven fever dream through speed and technology. I've wanted to work with Priscilla for years and this, no pun intended, is the perfect vehicle for her brilliant, visual storytelling."

"When Bryan told me about his idea for this book, I knew it was everything I wanted to draw: blasting action scenes, emotional heavy dialogues, sexy characters,” added Petraites. “Do you know the feeling of just being in a car riding through a long-deserted road at night, listening to your best playlist full of nostalgic songs and you just feel like a movie? That's the vibe I've tried to put on this story."

"Bryan’s work on American Carnage blew me away — a sophisticated espionage thriller with compelling characters that tackled some of the most urgent issues of the day with unflinching honesty and, indeed, courage," said AWA chief creative officer Axel Alonso, referencing Hill’s earlier series for DC. “He was one of the first writers I reached out to when we started AWA. Chariot does not disappoint – a synthwave science fiction thriller with multidimensional characters, real stakes and propulsive action scenes. And what can I possibly say about Priscilla and Marco’s art? Simply amazing. It’s got the energy of a handheld camera, and you can practically hear the synthesizer score in the background, all wrapped up in Jeff Dekal’s mind-melting covers."

Chariot launches March 2021. Below, Jeff Dekal’s cover for the first issue, as well as previews of art from Petraites and Lesko.