Sci-fi Graphic Novel Series 'Glint' Has an Intriguing Premise (Exclusive)

GLINT_Promo_Grandma - Publicity - H 2017
Ian McGinty/Lion Forge
Lion Forge is launching the three-volume series for early readers in February 2019.

It can take a lot to make an intergalactic hero — including, in the case of upcoming graphic novel series Glint, a collection of grandmothers with motorcycles called "hoverhogs."

The three-book series, to be published by indie Lion Forge, is the creation of novelist Samuel Sattin and Adventure Time artist Ian McGinty.

"Glint is a big, three book tale about a dying planet, and the few who care enough to save it from extinction," Sattin explained in a statement from the publisher. "Motorbike riding warrior grannies must help a small miner boy named Loon withstand a regime that's been brainwashing its people for generations, while being attacked by monsters called Feeders. We can't wait to introduce you to the world of Mora, and the characters fighting over its fate as it tries to find a star it can call home."

Citing Noelle Stevenson's award-winning Nimona and Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking novels as inspiration, the series will be part of Lion Forge's CubHouse imprint for young readers 12 and younger. The imprint was founded in October 2016, with former Abrams executive managing editor Andrea Colvin at the head.

"When I heard about Glint, I was beyond excited for the opportunity to do an original project with Ian McGinty, whose work on Adventure Time and other fun properties is pretty well known (and pretty awesome)," explained Colvin, newly installed as Lion Forge vp executive editor. "But when I dug into the pitch, I was doubly floored by Sam Sattin's snappy, incredibly fun writing. Together, Sam and Ian have come up with a page-turner of a visually stunning fantasy adventure that I cannot wait to share with readers."

The series' first volume, Glint: Loon's Army, is scheduled for a February 2019 release, with subsequent volumes aimed for October 2019 and April 2020. Above and below, McGinty's concept art for the series.