Sci-Fi Short 'R'ha' Heating Up Hollywood (Video)

R'Ha - H 2013
22-year old Kaleb Lechowski of Berlin wrote and directed the CG short.

The year’s first hot short is here.

R’ha hails from Kaleb Lechowski, an aspiring German director who will turn 23 in March.

Lechowski attends Berlin's Mediadesign Hochschule, where he is studying film and animation. He had no money for actors or live sets but was able to use a computer to, over a period of seven months, create a fully realized world. The short popped up on Vimeo earlier today but already has an exec or two talking about it.

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Lechowski is repped by managers Scott Glassgold and Raymond Brothers at IAM Entertainment and is expected to arrive in Los Angeles later this month.

R’ha might have elements you’ve seen in other movies, specifically Star Wars, Avatar and Terminator, but very few shorts, let alone full-length features, take the big chance of making their story about an alien with nary a human in sight.

And whether you fall for this short or not, what it shows you is how now, really, the only limits to creating stories about alien civilizations and centering on alien characters are risk-averse executives.

R´ha [short movie] from Kaleb Lechowski on Vimeo.