'Scott Pilgrim' Creator Reveals New Graphic Novel Trilogy 'Worst World'

Bryan Lee O'Malley will promote his new project with limited-edition print and signings at Comic-Con.
Bryan Lee O'Malley

It's been six years since Scott Pilgrim vs. The World conquered Comic-Con, and ahead of this year's show, details have emerged of creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's next project, the first in a trilogy of graphic novels titled Worst World.

As revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Worst World will see O'Malley re-team with art assistant Jason Fischer and colorist Nathan Fairbairn — both of whom worked on latter volumes of Scott Pilgrim, as well as O'Malley's subsequent graphic novel, Seconds — to tell the story of the relationship between 30-something Benny and 20-something Aubrey in contemporary Los Angeles.

Worst World will actually be O'Malley's second new project at this year's Comic-Con. His Image Comics series Snotgirl — a monthly comic book about Lottie Person, satirizing the fashion world and social media, illustrated by Leslie Hung — launches Wednesday, and will be promoted with both O'Malley and Hung appearing at the Image Comics panel Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Limited edition Worst World prints — only 50 released each day of the show — will be available at this year's Comic-Con, with O'Malley signing daily at the Penguin Random House booth on the convention floor. Details of the signing can be found here. (O'Malley and Hung will also be signing copies of Snotgirl at the Image Comics booth each day.)

San Diego Comic-Con runs Thursday through Sunday at the San Diego Convention Center, with the annual Preview Night taking place Wednesday.