Sean Bean Stars in New 'Hitman 2' Trailer

The iconic actor will be the game's first Elusive Target.

Sean Bean, an actor who knows a thing or two about dying onscreen, stars in the latest trailer for IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive's upcoming stealth action game Hitman 2.

Bean plays Mark Faba, a new character who will be featured in the upcoming Elusive Target mission released on Nov. 20, one week after Hitman 2 launches on Nov. 13. Faba, aka "The Undying," is a former MI5 agent who has turned to a career as an assassin-for-hire. His moniker is a reference to the character's reputation of faking his own death, a meta-reference in itself to Bean's own acting resume, which includes such notably deceased characters as Ned Stark from Game of Thrones and Boromir from Lord of the Rings.

In the new spot, Bean stresses the importance of creativity when taking down a target, showcasing seemingly innocuous items such as the series' iconic rubber duckie, a flamingo mascot outfit and a toilet, naturally.

"The deadliest weapon isn't what you think," Bean says. "It's improvisation."

Bean's Elusive Target mission will only run for a limited time. Players are tasked with stopping Faba before he can utilize his expert surveillance, infiltration and demolition skills to complete a contract at the Global Innovation Race event in Miami, a sprawling map that features thousands of NPCs, hidden areas and tools to eliminate Agent 47's target.

Bean previously starred in another humorous teaser for the game in October. 

Elusive Target missions were first introduced in 2016's Hitman and are unique, one-time-only events that allow players one opportunity to assassinate their high-level target. If they are unsuccessful, they will not get another opportunity.

Hitman 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 13.