Sebastian Stan Reveals Nine-Picture Deal With Marvel

The newly christened Winter Soldier will return, with the revelation of his multipicture deal with Marvel Studios.

Next month’s second Captain America movie may just be the start for Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier, with the actor revealing that his contract with Marvel Studios runs for nine pictures.

Talking to Newsarama.com, Stan said that he “thinks” his deal with Marvel lasts nine films, adding that it’s “great job security,” although he said that the powers that be in the studio “don’t tell me anything. That’s just the truth. … When we wrapped [Captain America: The First Avenger], I had no idea if we’d be back.”

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Stan’s nine-movie contract matches the size of Samuel L. Jackson’s deal with Marvel, but surprisingly surpasses Chris Evans’, who confirmed recently that his deal with Marvel lasts just six movies.

While the length of the multipicture deals signed by Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner remains unknown, Mark Ruffalo confirmed that he signed a six-picture deal before Avengers, and Robert Downey Jr. famously re-upped with the studio for the next two Avengers installments after Iron Man 3 ended his original deal.

That Stan is signed for three more movies than Evans seems odd at first glance, but it does make you wonder: What if Marvel plans to extend the Captain America franchise by following the comics’ lead and temporarily replacing Evans’ Steve Rogers with Stan’s Bucky Barnes?