The Secret History of the Marvel Universe Is Revealed in 'Original Sin'

Marvel's summer event crossover will unveil the truth behind Captain America's history and the forgotten "other" Spider-Man, among other surprises.
Mike Deodato Jr./Marvel Entertainment

Everything you know about the Marvel Universe is wrong -- or, at least, it will be. Promoting Original Sin, the upcoming crossover event that'll be told across Marvel's superhero line, executive editor Tom Brevoort and writer Jason Aaron hinted at some of the mysteries about to be revealed about some of the world's most famous superheroes.

The storyline begins with the murder of the Watcher, a cosmic being who has been monitoring activity on Earth for years -- including events that no one else knows about. "When the heroes find the Watcher's body on the moon, his eyes are gone," Aaron explained during a conference call with reporters. "Nobody is sure initially what that means, but we learn that the Watcher's eyes are the secret to unlocking everything he has seen over the years. Whoever holds those eyes is able to basically explode a bomb full of secrets."

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According to Brevoort, "this is the ultimate NSA leak. This guy knows where bodies are buried [that] we didn't even know were buried." Of course, the reveals go far beyond the dead. "Captain America will learn that somebody close to him has tampered with his memories, with his mind," Brevoort said, adding that readers will also "learn that somebody else was bitten by the same radioactive spider that led to the origin of Spidey."

Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso promises that the revelations in the story "will change the lives of the character for the foreseeable future with long-term, potentially permanent ramifications." Brevoort went further, teasing, "We'd come up with ideas and think they were too much, then brought them to the room and realized we could turn them up even higher." We can only hope that this means it won't be long until we find out that Steve Rogers was, in fact, Canadian.

Following a prologue issue in April, Original Sin officially launches in May.