Comic-Con: See Katee Sackhoff, Grace Park as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker in 'Star Wars' Tribute

This story first appeared in the Aug. 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

It's been more than a decade since Park, 40, and Sackhoff, 34, starred in Syfy's Peabody-winning Battlestar Galactica. Since then, Park has gone on to CBS' Hawaii Five-0, while Sackhoff is on A&E's Longmire, but if you get them together, it's like time hasn't passed at all.

What's your most surreal Comic-Con experience?

Sackhoff: I had a Wookiee follow me into the bathroom. He or she followed me in and then told me that they loved me, and I had that pee thing where you can't go 'cause you're so scared. They were just outside the door. I was looking for fuzzy feet.

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Did anyone warn you when you started that Battlestar would be part of your lives forever?

Sackhoff: [Showrunner] Ron Moore did. He said, "We're creating something far beyond what people are going to expect." And we were all just kind of like, "Yeah, sure, whatever. Got it." And it really is a family.

Park: It was like this bubble that we were in, and everyone was just really connected. I kind of feel like we're the class of 2002 of something. We were all bonded by this thing. And I've never had that with another show.

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Best Comic-Con party moment?

Sackhoff: The only time in my life I've ever done the limbo was at a convention, and I was drunk off my ass. And I think I got pretty damn low, but I did not win. My manager called me and was like, "You cannot get this drunk with people at conventions, Katee, because it's gonna end up on the Internet."