See 'Mad Max' Chase Re-created With Go-Karts and Paintball Guns

WB Games teamed up with YouTuber devinsupertramp to promote an upcoming 'Max' game.

Mad Max: Fury Road raced into theaters earlier this year to positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The success of the film has led to merchandising, namely tie-in comics and a new video game.

WB Games and Avalanche Studios teamed up on the upcoming game Mad Max. If the marketing hasn’t done anything for you, then check out the latest promo by YouTuber devinsupertramp. The studio brought Assassin’s Creed 4 to life at Comic-Con with a parkour video. Now they hit the open road to re-create a Mad Max car chase using go-karts, paintball guns and high production values.

The Mad Max game comes out Sept 1. Check out the video below.