See the Origin of the Justice League's Evil Superman (Exclusive Preview)

Justice League The New 52 Issue 24 Cover - P 2013
<p>Justice League The New 52 Issue 24 Cover - P 2013</p>
Next week's "Justice League" #24 reveals the origin of Ultraman, the evil Superman from Earth 3 -- and here's an exclusive peek at the opening pages.

We've seen the final days of Superman's Krypton many times before -- but what about the doomed home planet of Ultraman, the alternate-universe evil Superman from DC Entertainment's Forever Evil event? Our exclusive preview of next week's Justice League #24 reveals all.

The issue, by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, gives readers some background into the leader of the Crime Syndicate, the parallel Justice League from Earth 3 that turned up at the end of the "Trinity War" storyline and immediately set about taking over the world. What is he really doing on Earth -- and does his origin offer clues to how he can be stopped? (Spoilers: Kryptonite isn't going to be any use; that just makes him stronger.)

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As you can see from the preview below -- which also includes a variant cover from upcoming Action Comics artist Aaron Kuder -- Ultraman's evil upbringing got started surprisingly early … and creates another mystery: Who is responsible for the destruction of evil Krypton?

Justice League #24 will be released in comic stores and digitally on October 23.